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Looking for dance teachers to travel to India to teach,all expenses paid. - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

Looking for dance teachers to travel to India to teach,all expenses paid.

Hi All,
Let me introduce myself,my name is Deeba Patel from Mumbai India,and I work for India’s best choreographer Mr.Shiamak Davar as a lead dancer,senior dance instructor and senior manager.

Let me tell you something more about Shiamak he’s an actor,director,singer and a guru of Indian contemporary dance.He has choreographed many Bollywood movies and is a big celebrity in India.

He as an educationalist has his dance school ‘Shiamak Davar’s Institute For The Performing Arts’ all over India in 18 cities,Canada,Australia and U.A.E.We have over 50 thousand students all over.We teach various dance styles to our students form bollywood jazz,indo jazz,hip hop,contemporary,jazz,salsa,rock and roll
afro jazz…

We are looking for dance teachers who could come down here in Mumbai to teach our studenst from the month of 0ctober to Decemember 2010.Our school has a program where we bring down instructors from abroad through out the year.The dance styles we are looking for are Salsa,contemporary,hip hop or modern..

We have our association with Debbie Allen’s dance academy L.A. and she had come down to India and conducted few master classes here and also
we have an exchange programme where dancers from Shiamak’s school have gone to L.A to train with her and instructors from her academy
come to India to teach our students.

In the past we’ve had teachers like Terry Beeman,Katya Virshillas,winners of So you thnk you can dance Canada Tara Jean and Vincent and many more.
Our students have shown great interest in these teachers,hence Shiamak wants to take this forward and get many more teachers to India
from different countries.

We will be paying a flat fee of US $4000 per month,hence for 3 months US $ 12,000.You would be required to take 2 classes(90 mins each) in the morning with Shiamak’s dance company and in the evenings 4 classes(1 hr each) with the students with sundays off.

You will be provided with assistants in class.

Your stay,food and travel will be taken care of.If you are interested,please contact us for further negotiation.We would require from you just a headshot,
your profile and a video of you dancing or teaching a dance class.If you know of any other teacher who would be interested please give them our reference.

This will be a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge of dance with students here and also an experience for you to explore India.
If you want to learn more about us visit our website www.shiamak.com

Please contact me at deeba.patel@shiamak.com

Thank you,




Education. Entertainment. Empowerment.

India * Canada * Australia * U.A.E.

Deeba Patel (Senior Manager)


P: +91 22 61543000-3025

F: 91 22 2353 7174

E: deeba.patel@shiamak.com


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