Dance Marketing 101: The Top 10 Keys To An E-P-I-C Marketing Plan

The fact that you’re reading this post says that you’re serious about growing your dance business or brand, and you recognize that Effective, Personalized, Intriguing, and Consistent marketing is an absolute MUST if you want to get more clients, customers, patrons, supporters, and business opportunities. What good is it to have an awesome talent, service, product, or experience to offer, if no one knows about it, and no one is talking about it?


I believe in E-P-I-C MARKETING!!










So now, you might be wondering….


“Where Do I Begin, and How Does E-P-I-C Marketing Apply To Me?”


Let’s start by defining what E-P-I-C Marketing really means, and then give you a 10-Point Action Plan to get started!


E – Effective marketing is, of course, marketing that brings you the results that you need or want. How will you know if your marketing is effective or not? By clearly defining your goals ahead of time, and seeing how well you do in various areas, and different areas of your marketing that connect to the sales cycle. Bringing in more money may definitely be a sign of effective marketing, but it’s not the only sign.


Here are a few other results of effective marketing:


1) Your e-mail subscriber list is growing.


2) There are lots of people talking positively about your brand or biz online.


3) You’re getting the exact type of customers that you were aiming for.


4) People who come to you, already know what to expect, and are excited for the opportunity to become one of your clients.


5) You get lots of referrals.


P – Personalized marketing refers to YOU and your customer. Personalized marketing speaks to your customers in such a way that they feel like you are speaking directly to them, and have a unique understanding of their individual needs. In addition to that, personalized marketing means that there is a ‘person’ behind, and in front of your business. There is a face to your business, who people can see, and relate to, not just a logo. People connect with other people and experiences, not with logos, images, and text. Although logos, images, and text are useful, and certainly necessary, those things alone will not help you to close a deal, or significantly increase the awareness of your brand or biz. There has to be someone real for people to connect with to help make the experience more personalized.


I – Intriguing marketing relates very closely to personalized marketing because, the individual(s) behind any great business, have a unique back story, personality, and perspective. It’s in sharing that uniqueness that you peak the interest of your potential customers, and stand out from your competitors. Let’s say you’re a dance photographer, and there are tons of other dance photographers in your local area that you’re competing with. What can you share, through your marketing, that will help your brand to stand out from the crowd? Maybe you have a unique back story/background. Did you start out as a dancer, or in a completely different field? What was your first experience photographing dance, and what inspired you to choose this career? Are you involved in philanthropic or charity efforts/events? Share those unique aspects of yourself, and your brand, that people will find intriguing, and want to learn more about you, and your dance business, company, or organization.


C – Consistent marketing is definitely the most important part of this 4-part strategy. People need to know that you’re there, be reminded that you’re there, and not ever be concerned about whether or not you’re going to be around for the long-term. Consistency builds trust. Share your marketing message consistently, AND make sure your marketing message itself is consistent. Don’t appear to have multiple personalities online, with confusing messages. Be consistent, and be that brand or company that people can rely on, and trust.





1. Define Your Marketing Goals. Be Specific. How will you know if you’ve accomplished your marketing goals, and made any progress, if you don’t have your specific goals in writing? It’s also great to write down your marketing goals because, when you begin to accomplish them, and even surpass them, it gives you motivation and drive to push even harder.


2. Define Your Target Audience/Market. Figure out who your target audience is. (And the answer “everybody, because dance is universal”, is not acceptable.) Get specific about who you’re targeting and why. Write out a description of the qualities/traits/demographic of your target customers.


3. Find Out Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out (Online & Offline). Do some research to find out the best ways to connect with them. Do they love Twitter, but spend less time on Facebook, or vice versa? Are they all over Youtube? Are they involved in a certain dance membership organization? Find out where they are, and then make sure you’re there too. 


4. Be Where Your Target Audience Is, and Add Value To Their Lives. Enhance the lives of your target audience in some significant way, whether it’s through blog posts, online videos, tutorials, or your social media updates. Find out how what you have to offer might benefit them, and at the appropriate time, share it with them. But your first priority should be to be helpful, and enhance their lives in some way, first and foremost. 


5. Be The Face Of Your Brand. Personalize It. Remember that people relate to other people, not to logos, text, and images alone. Figure out 1 or 2 ways that you can incorporate yourself, or an actual person, into your marketing strategy today.


6. Share Your Unique Back Story, Personality, and Perspective. There is a message that only you have. No one else has your unique ability.” ~ Marshawn Evans — When people ask me how they can stand out from a sea of competitors, this is pretty much what I tell them. Remember that there’s only one you! You have a unique perspective and way of thinking. Use that to your advantage. Think outside the box, and let your uniqueness shine through.


7.  Build Relationships.  It is crucial to build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships with your target audience, which means, getting to know them, sharing in their experiences, getting their feedback, and simply having useful interaction with them. These relationships can lead to some loyal customers, brand ambassadors, and awesome business opportunities down the line. The most important part though is to be genuine. People can smell an agenda or ulterior motive a mile away!



8. Build A Tribe. Once you’ve cultivated some relationships through people liking you and what you’re about, and trusting you as a result, you will be able to build a community of people who all support and are interested in what you do. Build your tribe through your e-mail subscriber list (most important), and through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, so that you can have a consistent and organized way to stay connected with them. This way, you will be able to send them targeted messages that lead to the positive actions that you want them to take. Building your own tribe takes time, but it is the most important thing you can do for success in your marketing efforts.


9. Be Consistent. Your actual message should be consistent, across the board, so much so, that people are able to repeat it, remember it, and describe it with ease. The frequency of your marketing should also be consistent, with no huge lags in between your marketing campaigns.


10. Be Trustworthy. Don’t put all your energy into your marketing, and then not deliver and follow through when it comes to your actual product or services. That would be such a waste. Build the trust of your audience, then follow through by delivering what you promised, and then some!!
Take the time to build a marketing strategy that makes sense, and you will reap the benefits for years to come.
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