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A Powerful "Internet Week NY" Panel on Dance Entrepreneurs - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

A Powerful “Internet Week NY” Panel on Dance Entrepreneurs

DESMOND RICHARDSON (founder, Complexions Ballet) will be on the panel.

Boysdancetoo.com (the only comprehensive web-store dedicated solely to men’s and boy’s dancewear) will host an interactive panel in partnership with Internet Week New York, June 9th (8PM-10PM), on dance technology entrepreneurs.

The panel discussion entitled, “Dance Entrepreneurs and the Digital Revolution: Can Dancers Make Moves and Killer Startups?”, will explore the immediate need for technological innovation in the dance industry and whether dancers and choreographers can create tech start-ups that will not only innovate the industry, but that will also guarantee their survival at a time when jobs for dancers are dwindling.

Read their full press release HERE.

Visit the Boys Dance Too website HERE.

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