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*5 Ways to Overcome Negativity* - The Let's Talk Dance Blog - Empowering Dancers To Create A Better Quality of Life!

*5 Ways to Overcome Negativity*

With all of the challenges we face everyday of our lives, financially, professionally, personally, within our families and our relationships, not to mention the demons of our past, it’s no wonder to me that some people look for any little outlet to release their inner anger/frustration on others.

If you somehow, innocently, get caught on the receiving end of such hate, here are some tips on overcoming other people’s negativity towards you:

1) Always take the high road. It’s best that you stay on the offensive. Negative people will always twist your words, and the meaning behind them, to feed their negativity. It’s just what they do.

2) Remember that you’re not who they say you are. Negative people are typically people who know you the least. True friends and family, who really know you, wouldn’t see the need to put out such negativity about you.

3) Decide at some point, that you won’t even acknowledge the negativity anymore. Do whatever it takes to remove it from your life. Stop accepting those calls, have someone else handle them or send them directly to voicemail, then erase them, stop reading those e-mails or comments, just choose to remove it from your life by any means necessary. That negative energy is not only distracting, but it’s draining, and it will only cause you to feel down, and focus less on the really important things in your life.

4) Focus on the positive. Even if the negativity is due to a mistake that you made, or a belief that you have that may be controversial, acknowledge it, but remember that whatever it is, it’s only one aspect of your total person. Remember all of the positive things about your character, or your business, all of the great things that people say about you, and the great testimonials from your customers.

5) Let nature take its course. I find that negativity has a cycle. There are times when it’s hot and heavy, and constantly being fed by negative people who simply follow other negative people. But, at some point in time, it dies down, as these toxic people find a new victim, or simply have to contend with the negativity that they’ve sown into their own lives. Some call it Karma, or it could be the good old saying “you reap what you sow”. But at the end of the day, you can’t control what other people do; you can only control how you respond to it.

Stay positive, stay focused, sow good seeds, spread love, have integrity, be a blessing to others, and the haters will never be able to prevail over you.

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